Starting around the 1st of March (with camera gear in hand), Chad begins to visit traditional roost sites to video & study the vocabulary of the wild turkey.  Follow along as he takes you into the bedrooms of multiple flocks throughout the late winter & early spring.  You'll feel like you're sitting right under the roost with him as the turkeys wake & start their day!  As turkey seasons kicks off, you'll enjoy sharing our hunting adventures right up until the end of May!  The WILD TURKEY JOURNAL is one of the most unique outdoor journals you'll ever experience!!!




After checking the weather this morning, I decided to visit the same roost site that I did yesterday.  There was a 25% chance of rain at 6 a.m. but it dropped to 0% after that.  It wasn't raining at the time so I figured I'd give it a shot.  It was a 42 degrees & a little windy when I left the truck, but not too bad.  It rained on & off through the night, so I was able to move a little quicker than normal.  When I reached t...


As I closed in on the roost site this morning, I couldn't see any turkeys.  I just figured they must be roosted a little lower & that is why I didn't see them.  So, I continued to sneak closer.  When I got within 80 yards or so, I still couldn't find any!  I looked all around thinking maybe they roosted on the top of the ridge or off the point instead of where I normally find them.  But there wasn't a turkey to be seen!  I ev...


When I reached the ridgetop this morning, a siren went off in the distance.  A coyote yipped & howled on a nearby ridge which made a jake "shock yelp," if there is such a thing!  So I knew there were definitely turkeys roosted in there before I was close enough to see them.  It rained overnight, so it made for some quiet walking.  But it was dead calm & you could hear a pin drop.  From what I could see, most of the birds were...

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