Starting around the 1st of March (with camera gear in hand), Chad begins to visit traditional roost sites to video & study the vocabulary of the wild turkey.  Follow along as he takes you into the bedrooms of multiple flocks throughout the late winter & early spring.  You'll feel like you're sitting right under the roost with him as the turkeys wake & start their day!  As turkey seasons kicks off, you'll enjoy sharing our hunting adventures right up until the end of May!  The WILD TURKEY JOURNAL is one of the most unique outdoor journals you'll ever experience!!!


Once again, I decided to try a new roost site for the year.  This particular spot, for whatever reason, didn't produce much last year.  Aside from that, it's been a reliable roost site for many years.  It's a steep, wooded sidehill that is situated above a pretty good-sized hay field.  There's some bigger timber along the lip of the steep ledge where these birds normally like to roost.  The hillside wraps around into a fairly...


The sky was clear & the moon was really bright as I made the trek in this morning.  So I knew it was going to be a challenge to get in tight.  I decided to try the roost site I visited a few days ago that ended up being empty aside from a single longbeard.  I was hoping they'd be back in there!  When I reached the top of the ridge, I took a break to get in sneak mode.  But when I searched the treetops with my binoculars, I co...


I decided to try another roost site today (one that I haven't visited yet this year).  This particular roost site is situated in between a cow pasture & a hay field.  The only thing separating those two fields is a small wooded draw.  There's a huge oak tree in that draw where these turkeys generally like to roost.  When I got close to that big oak this morning, I could only see one turkey in it!  I thought "Here we go again!...

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