Starting around the 1st of March (with camera gear in hand), Chad begins to visit traditional roost sites to video & study the vocabulary of the wild turkey.  Follow along as he takes you into the bedrooms of multiple flocks throughout the late winter & early spring.  You'll feel like you're sitting right under the roost with him as the turkeys wake & start their day!  As turkey seasons kicks off, you'll enjoy sharing our hunting adventures right up until the end of May!  The WILD TURKEY JOURNAL is one of the most unique outdoor journals you'll ever experience!!!

I did some scouting on a piece of public land yesterday afternoon & as luck would have it, I ended up hearing a couple birds gobble late in the evening. They were both pretty far off. So I moved in a little closer & eventually spotted one of them strutting in a log landing with a hen. I was on a logging road about 3/4 of the way up a recently timbered ridge & they were maybe 200 yards from me, way down in the bottom. I watched...

As I climbed the ridge this morning, it felt good to be doing this again for the first time this year! I was actually going in blind because I hadn't had a chance to pre-scout it for any turkey sign. When I reached the ridge top, I checked some of the bigger trees with binoculars, where the birds preferred to roost last season. But I couldn't find any. So I continued on, scanning the treetops as I went. But then I noticed what...

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