Jesse Riggle - Pennsylvania

Al & I heard a bird gobble last night. We thought he possibly could have been across the hollow from us. But he was pretty far & we weren't real sure. So we decided to start in the same spot this morning with our friend, Jesse Riggle. As luck would have it, we heard a few turkeys gobble. But unfortunately, they were across from us on another ridge. Jesse knows the area well. So we decided to jump in the truck & drive around to him. We got out of the truck, started into the woods where Jesse thought the gobbler might be & sure enough, he gobbled in front of us in a big hollow. We closed the distance & got set up above him in some second growth timber. Al stayed behind to do some float calling & the turkey gobbled good! We thought at first, he was coming. But he ended up walking away from us gobbling. So we jumped up, headed back to the truck & attempted to drive down the road to get ahead of him. We parked the truck again, walked back an old logging road & called to him...gobble! We continued to call to him as we closed the distance. At first, we thought he sounded a little "jakey." But he started to sound better as we got closer. The last time he cut Al's calls, he was so close we had to scramble to get set up. I didn't even have time to put the camera on the tripod or even get covered up! There was a bunch of second growth in there as well & it wasn't exactly an ideal setup for the camera. But it would have to do. Again, Al stayed behind us & called...he hammered right in our face as Jesse & I waited to see him. Pretty soon, I caught movement through the saplings on the old grassy road. Jesse got his gun ready as the gobbler walked right up the road. His bright red head & feathers gleamed in the sunlight. Al yelped to him & he went into strut. When he put his head down to peck in the grass, Jesse got into his gun, put the bead on him & dropped him! We celebrated a successful spring morning in the turkey woods, had some laughs, took some pictures & just enjoyed the rest of the morning trying to find another bird without much luck. But it was another great day spent chasing the wild turkey!

Sunrise: 6:00 a.m

Temperature: 44 degrees (clear & sunny)

Wind: 4 mph

Barometer: 30.22 & rising

Location: north-central Pennsylvania

# of gobbles heard: 30

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