Eddie Malik - Pennsylvania

After a day of chasing uncooperative birds in another county, Eddie & I decided to head back to where we killed his bird two days ago to see if those turkeys were still acting right. As soon as we got to the top of the ridge, a couple birds gobbled on that same knob as the other day! But they pitched down & headed away from us. There was another bird on the ridge behind us gobbling pretty decent. So we made our way towards him. Once we got over there, I crowed to him...nothing. A few minutes later, I threw out some excited hen yelps & he hit just up over the hill from us! We ran up to an intersection in logging roads & got set up. Turns out, there were two of them. To make a long story short, they didn't cooperate either. We gave them about forty-five minutes. But they went the other way & quit gobbling. With all the calling I was doing, the birds we originally set up on started to fire back up & head in our direction. So we picked up & made a move on them. As we were making our way towards them, Eddie spotted three longbeards about 125 yards out the ridge on an old logging road. We hit the deck & watched them cross over the road, drop down into the hollow & out of sight. They were heading towards where I last called. So we dropped back & got set up on the logging road with decoys. As soon as Eddie was ready, I ran out the road to call, trying to lead them back up on the ridgetop in front of our setup. But as I was making my way out there, I spotted them heading up a gut directly towards our last setup! I thought they busted me at first. But after watching them for a while, I could tell they weren't spooked at all. When they got out of sight, I crawled out the road about 80 yards & did some excited yelping. They hit several times! So I made a big loop underneath the far lip to stay hidden & ran back to get set up. We sat quietly for about six minutes. At 8:36, Eddie spotted them come back up out of the hollow. So I jumped back on them with some excited yelping & cutting. They both hit & started marching right up the road towards us! They came around a little bend in the trail, spotted our decoys & one of them blowed up. Three brilliant red heads bobbed down the road as our hearts began to race. They hit the fifty yard mark, side by side. The strutter was on the left. I told Eddie to let me know as soon as he got an opportunity because I felt like I was sticking out like a sore thumb on the side of the logging road. The two other birds took the lead as they walked right up to our decoys. At 20 yards, Eddie asked if I was ready. They separated a little, I yelped at them & Eddie's 12 gauge muzzleloading shotgun barked! The strutter dropped in his tracks as the other two got airborne. But they came right back down & nervously watched as Eddie's longbeard laid on his back flapping his wings. They settled down & hung around within thirty yards for a very long time as we watched in awe. Eventually they lost interest & walked off. But wow, what a morning!

Sunrise: 6:15 a.m

Temperature: 70 degrees (clear skies)

Wind: 5 mph

Barometer: 30.10 & falling

Location: southwest Pennsylvania

# of gobbles heard: 35

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