Haylee Newell & Julie Gleghorn - Kansas

The week beginning April 16th, my dad and I loaded up the rental car and headed for Kansas for the world turkey hunting championships. It was a really great experience and we met a lot of good people along the way. After a few days of some really hard hunting, we decided that we were going to give public land a try. So we ran into a local woman in the hotel parking lot and asked her for some info. Without any hesitation, Mrs. Julie invited us to come hunt on some of her land. After talking just a few minutes, I could tell that this lady really loved to hunt and she was serious about it! We get to her property and man this place is beautiful, a turkey hunters dream! We get to a good place to set up and that’s when she informed us she has never harvested a turkey. So I told my dad if we were able to call a turkey in, Julie would get first shot. We didn’t have any luck hunting that evening. But we were fortunate enough to roost a few gobblers! As the morning skies began to break, we found ourself set up at the edge of a pecan grove overlooking this field with beautiful looking purple flowers. As we were getting better camera light, I decided to do some calling. I started out with some soft calling and then got more excited and the gobblers responded well. I did a fly down on a pot call, then went quiet. Within five minutes, these turkeys gobbled just inside the wood line. Soon after, two longbeards and a hen showed up at the edge of the field and came all the way into our setup! What a way to end my Kansas hunt. Mrs.Julie harvested her first spring gobbler to date and I was able to tag my first Kansas longbeard! I’m thankful my dad was able to tag along and capture it all on film. A special thanks to Mrs. Julie.

Sunrise: 6:33 a.m

Temperature: 51 degrees

Wind: 9 mph

Barometer: 30.22 & falling

Location: east central KS

# of gobbles heard: 100

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