Alan Johnson-West Virginia

The weather was nasty all night & this morning. Flash flood warnings dominated the morning news. The roads were littered with debris from the wind & rain. But against Alan's wishes, I convinced him to make the short drive across the state line & at least be in the area if the weather decided to give us a break. We weren't in any hurry getting there, that's for sure. We ended up eating breakfast in a diner & didn't even get to our hunting area until after 8:30! The rain was still coming down when we pulled in, so we sat in the truck & waited it out. Alan checked the radar & we kept tabs on the latest forecast. We noticed a slight break in the radar after 9:00 am, so we hoped we would get a chance to take the camera gear out. The rain began to let up a little, so I hopped out of the truck to film a few things & wouldn't you know I heard a bird gobble! He wasn't more than 200 yards from the truck either! He was gobbling half decent on his own. So we decided to try him! We started making our way towards him & he gobbled again. This time closer! We ran though a small opening to the edge of the woods & set up within 80 yards of the truck with a lone hen decoy. The gobbler was down off a point & naturally coming our way. It didn't take much calling to fire him up & he cut the distance with each gobble! I was expecting him to show up any second right in front of us & beyond our decoy. But I looked to the right & noticed a head periscoped through some tall grass on the edge of the opening we were set up in. He must have swung around the point to our right & angled up to us. He was really checking things out. But eventually, he started slowly marching towards our hen decoy! He came around some blowdowns & began strutting as the rain picked up again. As he tip-toed towards his new lady friend, he was now in range of Alan's 20 gauge & I knew as long as he could shoot straight, we had him! Alan let him show off for the camera for a little bit & then dropped the hammer on his first West Virginia gobbler! After checking out his turkey, Alan walked to the camera & said to me "Thank goodness for two year olds!" I couldn't have agreed more. After three years of running around on this place & coming up empty-handed, we finally had some luck! It was one of those hunts that don't happen very often. We couldn't have asked for anything better, especially with the crazy weather we had to deal with!

Sunrise: 6:41 a.m

Temperature: 39 degrees (cloudy & rain)

Wind: 15 mph (gusts up to 25 mph)

Barometer: 29.67 & rising

Location: northern WV

# of gobbles heard: 75

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