Easton Dye - West Virginia

This story begins mid-morning after a successful hunt early with Mekayla Dye. We jumped in the truck & made a short trip to another farm where we'd attempt to find another willing participant. It didn't take long to strike one on a distant ridge! After cutting the distance & calling as we moved, Darren (Mekayla & Easton's dad) caught that gobbler's ear & really fired him up! The bird was directly across a deep hollow on a hardwood ridge, just down from the ridgetop. But he definitely sounded interested & seemed to be on his way. So we got set up on the sidehill, just above the top bench in some second growth mixed hardwoods. Darren put a home-made gobbler decoy about ten yards below us as the kids & I got ready. After some excited yelping & cutting, Darren had that gobbler coming on a string! It wasn't long & we could tell he was in the bottom. Next time he gobbled, he was just below us! Pretty soon, Darren saw him come up over the edge. I got the camera on him as he strutted below us, maybe forty-five yards away. Darren kept calling to him as he checked out "Bob" (Darren's fan decoy). He was standing there just checking things out & Easton could only see him when he ran his head out & gobbled. Finally he walked to the left a little & gave Easton an opening through the jungle of saplings & she let him have it! Darren exploded & ran down the hill to retrieve the longbeard as Easton jumped up & hoped he was down. As Darren came walking back up the hill with a bird in his hands, Easton breathed a sigh of relief! We admired the beauty of wonderful two year old longbeard & relived the lessons he taught all of us. After a celebratory "turkey dance" by the Dye kids, we headed for the truck. What a way to kick off the West Virginia season!!!

Sunrise: 6:45 a.m

Temperature: 64 degrees (partly cloudy)

Wind: 10 mph

Barometer: 29.87 & falling

Location: northern WV

# of gobbles heard: 150+

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