Lew Davis - Pennsylvania


I drove up to the big woods of north-central Pennsylvania & met up with good friend, Allen Hevner, his dad Craig & his father-in-law Lew Davis to do some turkey hunting.  We had some encounters with gobblers the first two days & even called a hen in mid-morning on Tuesday.  But we just couldn't get things to come together with a longbeard.  Wednesday morning, we decided to try a bird that Lew worked a few days prior & see if we could do something with him.  The whippoorwills were singing as we parked the truck & made our way down into a big valley.  About 3/4 of the way down into the valley, we stopped to listen at daybreak.  Right on cue, a crow cawed & a barred owl hooted.  Sure enough, that bird gobbled!  He sounded like he was a good ways off.  But he was just out in front of us a few hundred yards & down off an edge.  So we got set up on a little bit of a flat above him in some younger open timber.  Al set up behind Lew & I maybe thirty yards to call.  As we were getting ready, the bird gobbled again on his own.  Once I got the camera set up, Al gave him some soft yelps & he cut him off!  But with it being late in the season, Al  was reluctant to call too much.  A few minutes later, Al gave him some soft clucks & then went into some more plain yelps.  He gobbled twice more to that sequence!  Then he got quiet for a little while.  As we sat there waiting, I figured he was about to pitch down.  Pretty soon, he gobbled again on his own & he was right in front of us (just out of sight)!  Lew got his cheek down on the stock & I swung the camera a little to where I thought he would show up.  Maybe thirty seconds went by & Al gave him a few more soft yelps...he hammered right on top of us!  Lew picked him up & said "twelve o'clock Chad, coming straight at us!"  At thirty yards, I picked him up in the camera & said "I got him Lew."  He was making a bee-line for Al at a steady pace as Lew dropped the hammer on his second bird of the Pennsylvania season!  It was only six o'clock & after several weeks of hard hunting, Lew was able to wrap his tag around the leg of a beautiful, public land Pennsylvania longbeard.  It was a textbook hunt that turkey hunters dream about!


Sunrise:  5:43 a.m.


Temperature:  56 degrees (partly cloudy)


Wind:  calm


Barometer:  29.95 & rising


Location:  north-central Pennsylvania


# of gobbles heard:  40

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