Eddie Malik - Pennsylvania

Eddie & I hunted some state land yesterday & we messed with a turkey right off the roost that didn't cooperate. So we figured we'd give him another shot this morning & hope he would be roosted in the same area. We hiked back in there & listened from a high spot. Sure enough, we heard him gobbling just as it began to break daylight! We decided to go past him & set up where he headed yesterday morning. As we made our way over there, we heard another bird gobble! He was roosted off a small point on an open hardwood ridgetop (close to where we were heading anyhow). He kept gobbling, which allowed us to close the gap & get set up within 120 yards or so. Eddie laid a feeder hen decoy on the ground in the breeding position along with a jake decoy. We got ready, the bird continued to gobble & pretty soon, he flew down. I threw out some plain yelps & he hit right away! Then I mixed in some clucks & he hit again, closer this time. A few minutes later, I did some more soft clucks & whits...he hit again even closer! Eddie said "he's coming for sure." He gobbled twice more just out of sight. I was afraid he would come up on this little high spot to our right & hang up there. Pretty soon, Eddie said "there he is!" He was coming up that high spot, strutting as he came. But he spotted our decoys, turned & started making a bee-line for them. He slowly worked his way down off that little ridge, spitting & drumming the whole way! He strutted right up to our jake decoy & made a circle around it within twelve yards of Eddie. He circled around the rear of it & brushed his chest against it, then jumped up & swatted it! Then he began to peck at the head. I asked Eddie if he was ready & he told me to get his head up. So I cutt & yelped real quick, then Eddie busted him! It was a classic, early morning hunt that turkey hunters dream of.

Sunrise: 6:12 a.m.

Temperature: 48 degrees & cloudy

Wind: calm

Barometer: 29.66 & steady

Location: southwest Pennsylvania

# of gobbles heard: 20

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