Dang jakes!

To say the least, it was very chilly this morning!  There was high pressure & a pretty good frost on the ground as I made the trek into another roost site.  It made things a little more difficult, that's for sure!  The sky was partly cloudy & the moon wasn't visible today.  As I started up through the woods scanning the treetops, I had a hard time seeing my hand in front of my face, let alone birds that might have been thirty or forty feet in the trees!  But I slowly continued, inch by inch.  I finally spotted a bird that was directly uphill from me & maybe twenty yards away when I first saw it!  It was facing me & as I looked up the steep incline, it seemed way up there!  I looked around in some of the surrounding trees & spotted another one that was below me & maybe forty yards from where I stood.  Then I found another!  They were roosted in sort of a triangle.  I continued to look for more, but that's all I could find.  So I decided to move a little & try to set up right in the middle of them.  As I made my way towards a good sized cherry tree to get set up, I noticed another blob in a tree out the ridge a little farther.  It was probably another sixty to seventy yards out the sidehill.  I thought about moving out that way because there might have been more that I couldn't see.  But I decided to play it safe because it would be very difficult moving past the birds I was under & making it to the far turkey before it started to break daylight.  So I got set up by 6:00 & waited for some action...As daylight drew nearer & nearer, I could hear the sounds of droppings hitting the frosty forest floor.  Feathers could be heard rustling every now & then as the three birds around me would shake themselves.  The babbling brook below me had a hypnotizing effect & put me to sleep.  Then finally, some birds that were roosted across the creek began gobbling!  I still couldn't tell what the bird was in front of me because it was facing away from me & still sitting on the limb.  Eventually, it stood up, turned a little, & I could tell it was a dang jake!  I kept hoping there was at least a hen or two close by.  Once there was enough camera light, I zoomed in on the jake in front of me & watched him look around as the distant birds gobbled.  But he didn't gobble!  As a matter of fact, there wasn't a bird on my side of the creek that gobbled.  The only sounds he made were some single note yelps every now & then.  The two other birds that were roosted just uphill & behind me didn't say a word.  I sort of figured they were probably jakes too.  But I wasn't sure.  The more the birds in the distance gobbled, the more the jake in front of me would yelp.  But he still wouldn't gobble!  I kept slowly tilting my head up in the air to try & make out what the birds behind me were.  But I just couldn't turn my head far enough to be sure.  Then all of a sudden I heard an excited hen yelp off to my left!  It was the bird that was farther out the ridge (the one I thought about moving closer to).  This jerked a short, broken gobble out of the two birds behind me, so I knew they were both jakes as well.  The jake in front of me got a little excited & turned on the limb, looking all around.  There ended up being two hens out the ridge from me.  They yelped every now & then & I kept wishing I would have been out there under them.  But I just couldn't have taken the chance.  Eventually, one of the jakes behind me pitched down.  The other two soon followed & made their way out the sidehill towards the hens.  I could see four jakes once they were on the ground & heading out the ridge.  They sort of hung around on the ground about halfway between me & those hens gobbling every time one of the hens would yelp.  Then they gave up on them & headed up over the ridgetop.  Those two hens stayed on the limb preening & yelping from time to time as the distant birds continued to gobble across the creek.  Then one of the gobblers over there seemed to get closer & closer every time he would gobble.  Eventually, I could see him in the bottom on the other side of the creek just strutting.  He slowly got closer & closer to the roosted hens until one of them flew down across the creek with him!  I lost sight of them after a while.  But I could still see the other hen & she was still on the limb out there.  Finally, she dropped out of the tree on my side of the creek & I lost sight of her.  A little later, I could see that longbeard across the creek strutting again.  I couldn't see the hen with him though.  He started gobbling again & eventually walked over to the creek & flew across to go after the second hen!  That just goes to show you that a gobbler will sometimes cross a creek or any other barrier to get to a hen if he's in the right mood.  But I gave them some time to get away from me, packed up my camera gear & snuck out of there.  It's been a little while since I've been set up underneath some talkative hens.  For whatever reason, I keep running into jakes & longbeards.  But it was still a good morning!


Sunrise:  6:52 a.m.


Temperature:  21 degrees


Wind:  2 mph


Barometer:  30.25 & rising


Location:  southwest Pennsylvania


# of gobbles heard:  70


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