Gobblers again!

After a three day rest, I decided to go back to my favorite roost site. The last time in there, the only turkeys roosted there were two longbeards & a hen. So as I made my way up to the ridgetop, I hoped for some talkative hens. I went through my normal routine of slowing down & scanning the treetops as I eased out the logging road. I stopped & listened for gobblers spitting. But I didn't see or hear anything as I neared the flat top. So I slowly continued, hoping & scanning as I went. Once again, the moon was very bright & the sky was clear. It's crazy how bright the moon can be on those clear mornings! It's so bright sometimes, that you have to squint as you look in that general direction! Once I reached the point where some birds have been roosting lately, I noticed a single bird in a large cherry tree! It was sitting on the limb & facing away from me, so I couldn't tell what it was. It was roosted off the edge of the ridgeline & right along the logging road I stood on. I looked around in some of the surrounding trees & then noticed another turkey about thirty yards off the opposite side of the logging road. Those were the only birds I could see & I thought there might be more turkeys roosted back off the side of the ridge in some of the more "traditional" roost trees. So I continued on hoping to find more. If not, I could always come back & try to get under the bird that's roosted along the logging road. But as I got closer to the edge of the small hollow & began checking some of the normal roost trees, I didn't see a single bird! A little disappointed, I turned around & headed back to that first bird I found. As I made my way back, I kept thinking to myself it must be those two longbeards again. I kept asking myself, "where are all the hens!?" Fortunately, I had enough time to sneak under that bird & get set up within twenty yards of the closest bird. As I was getting into position roughly an hour before it started to break daylight, I heard him spitting as he strutted. I got my camera set up & was ready to go. The bird began to strut more & more as daylight approached. I picked my binoculars up & could tell it was a jake. He had a short beard that stuck straight out when he turned broadside to me. He was situated in the crotch of a limb & kept strutting back & forth on each of the branches! He was also the first turkey I heard gobble. He didn't have a typical jake gobble! He gobbled pretty good. Then the bird off to my left about thirty yards gobbled & I could tell he was a jake as well. Pretty soon a hen started ripping across the hollow on another ridge! The hills lit up with gobbles! There were probably four or five birds roosted off my left shoulder maybe eighty yards away that gobbled! Most of them sounded like jakes. But there were also at least three or four birds gobbling on the ridge across the hollow near that mouthy hen! I kept wishing I was over there. But I felt lucky to be sitting in the woods on a beautiful spring morning. One by one, the birds near me pitched down & it was soon very quiet. I snuck out of there as soon as I got the chance. The last three days I've been out, I've sat under gobblers. I really hope I can find some talkative hens soon!

Sunrise: 7:09 a.m.

Temperature: 32 degrees

Wind: calm

Barometer: 30.13 & steady

Location: southwest Pennsylvania

# of gobbles heard: 70

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