Bearded duo

It was a little warmer this morning than yesterday, twenty degrees actually. But the moon was very bright again & there was a lot less cloud cover. I knew it would make it very difficult to get in tight to a roost (IF they were in there again). I topped the ridge & began to scan the treetops, but I couldn't find a turkey anywhere! It was a little breezy, so I thought they might be roosted down in a little farther becuase of the wind. So I continued sneeking in there & searching as I went. But I didn't see a bird anywhere! I looked very hard with binoculars & checked all the large oaks they've been roosting in...nothing! I was just about to call it quits when I noticed a blob in a tree maybe 100 yards away! It was one of the last few trees I had to check before I would have called it quits. Sure enough, I could see two birds! I checked the surrounding trees for other birds, but I didn't see any more. I figured they had to be gobblers, only being two of them. So I eased over to them & was fortunate to get within 20 yards & set up. When filming roost sites, I really like to get under hens & listen to them call. But I would have to settle for these two gobblers. So I got my camera gear set up & settled in...I watched the gobbler on the right spit & strut for what seemed like forever as the moon shined brightly on him. It really was a beautiful sight that I wish I could have captured with a camera. But the lighting would just not allow it. As daybreak approached they both began to gobble! As a matter of fact, they gobbled pretty good...on their own, at other gobblers in the distance & at crows. Just when there was enough light to see the ground well, I heard wingbeats from behind me! I looked up & saw a bird sail over my head & land on the opposite sidehill! It looked to be a hen. I had no idea she was even there! She never made a sound! Shortly after, the gobbler on my left pitched down into the bottom & the other soon followed. I watched them head up the opposite side towards that hen & walk out of sight. It was not a good morning for hen talk, but I sure did get some good footage of a couple gobblers on the limb doing their thing! I'll give it a break for a few days, maybe visit a different roost site & hope for the best the next time I get in there!

Sunrise: 7:15 a.m.

Temperature: 47 degrees

Wind: 5 mph (gusts up to 10 mph)

Barometer: 29.93 & steady

Location: southwest Pennsylvania

# of gobbles heard: 55

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