Eddie Malik - Pennsylvania

Eddie saw a gobbler heading onto this particular ridge last night about an hour before dark. He didn't know if it was a jake or a longbeard, but he said it was definitely a gobbler. He didn't have any luck roosting anything, so we decided to to start the morning on the ridgetop close to where he saw that gobbler. The sky was pretty cloudy as daylight began to break. We stood there hoping to hear a bird gobble, but it didn't happen. So I owl hooted a few times...nothing. I gave it a while & hooted again...gobble! It was down in the hollow a good ways out the ridge from where we were standing. So we cut the distance in half & I hooted again...GOBBLE! He was roosted on a steep, wooded side hill in some open hardwoods. We got pretty tight to him & set up with decoys along an old logging road within 100 yards of him. He gobbled a few more times as we got ready & I thought to myself, "this ain't too bad!" He gobbled a total of 5 times on the limb & that was the only bird we could hear gobbling. I gave him some soft, subtle clucks...nothing. Then a few soft, tree yelps...nothing. As a matter of fact, he never gobbled again after that! Now I was thinking, "uh oh." He stayed quiet for a while, then all of a sudden we saw him pitch down. So I flapped my wing & gave him a quick, excited yelp...nothing! We lost sight of him when his feet hit the ground & he remained quiet. He was directly out the ridge from us on the same level, but I kept wondering if he would head up onto the ridgetop & show up above us. Eventually we could see him, directly out the ridge picking around about 80 yards away. He was slowly coming in our direction. He didn't respond to my calling to that point, so I really didn't call very much. I just clucked & scratched in the leaves every now & then. Aside from looking our way, he still didn't respond. But he was continuing to feed our way, so our hopes were high. He took his good ol' time scratching in the leaves & picking his way to us. When he reached the fifty yard mark, I thought he would see our decoys, but apparently he couldn't see them yet. They were on that old logging road, but the road angled down the hill below him & was a little grown up with weeds. It seemed like it took him forever to close the distance, but he finally saw our jake decoy, postured & started making a bee-line for him! He didn't like the sight of that jake with a hen. He raised his nose in the air & got right in that jake decoy's face looking for a fight! He then flogged the heck out of that decoy as we watched the show. He knocked the jake decoy right off the stake & was still punishing it when Eddie shot. Only thing is, that gobbler didn't go down when Eddie shot! He just kind of flinched & started to leave. So Eddie reloaded & shot again, this time putting him down at 6:45. It wasn't until after we took pictures & began packing up all our gear to leave, that we noticed my hen decoy was laying on the ground & peppered with BB's! Yeah, you read that right. Eddie shot my decoy on the first shot! That turkey was directly behind the hen decoy & Eddie filled it full of shot from a 3" turkey load!! After watching the video, it was clear that it wasn't laying on the ground because of that gobbler running into it while flogging our jake decoy. Eddie mowed it down! Oh well, it's still usable though. But that hunt just goes to show you how important it is to be in the general vicinity of a turkey when it gobbles late in the season. The way they're acting right now, they don't give you much of a chance to move in on them because they're just not gobbling much. We have 11 days left in the season. Hopefully, things pick up. Time will tell.

Sunrise: 6:00 a.m.

Temperature: 67 degrees

Wind: 4 mph

Barometer: 30.15 & steady

Location: southwest Pennsylvania

# of gobbles heard: 5

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