Jeremy Pollock - Tagged out in Ohio

Jeremy & I drove to Ohio this morning & got set up on three gobbling turkeys right off the roost. They gobbled great & we thought we were in the hot seat. Two of them pitched out over top of us & gobbled pretty good, but they didn't want to play. The other bird landed in front of us, but really didn't want to work either. They all moved off, so we decided to try & locate another one. We were leaving the area we were set up in when we heard a bird gobble at the opposite end of the ridge. So we turned around & headed for that turkey. We got set up on him by mid-morning, but he was above us on a ridgetop that we couldn't hunt. He ended up walking away from us, so we decided to jump in the truck & hit another spot. We pulled in there & climbed a steep, hardwood ridge by 10:30. We did a little cutting & running out the ridge top & ended up striking a bird at a little before 11 o'clock! He was clear across the hollow from us. But we figured he was the only game in town, so we started making our way towards him. As we dropped down into the hollow though, we heard another bird (or two) gobble on it's own! We weren't sure where it was at. So we stood there listening & the next time we heard it gobble, there was definitely two birds & they sounded like they were way out the ridge we just came off of. After that, we decided to climb back up the ridge we came from & see if we could pinpoint them better. When we reached the ridge top, I crow called & they responded. We could tell they were a ways off but we still weren't sure if they were on "our" ridge because the ridge went out & curved to the right. Plus, there was a knob between us that was fairly thick. So I dropped all my gear in a spot that would be best for a setup & walked out the ridge towards them while Jeremy hung back. I probably walked 150 yards & when I called, they hit right away! But I could tell they were definitely across the hollow from where I called maybe another 150 to 200 yards away. It was almost 11:30, so we didn't have enough time to get over there to set up on them. I walked back to Jeremy & he said he never heard them gobbling, but he could hear me calling. So he & I both walked back there again, I gave them an excited yelp & they hit it right away! We stood there & discussed where we thought they were & wondered what to do next. Like I said, we were running out of time so I said "We've got nothing to lose. Lets just spread apart right here & call back & forth just for the heck of it & see what they do." Jeremy walked out around the ridge a little farther & started cutting...they jumped all over it! I could tell they had moved down the hill some in our direction already. I walked back towards where our gear was sitting & jumped in with some yelps & cutts. Those birds really started to fire up! We kept pouring it on & all the while those birds were hammering. Eventually Jeremy & I made our way back towards each other & just as we saw each other, those birds gobbled right down over the ridge from us on our side of the hollow! We both looked at each other with big eyes & took off running back to where our gear was sitting. We hurried to get set up along the spine of this beautiful hardwood ridge, hoped they would come around the hill & give us a searching gobble once we were ready. The only bad thing about the situation was the fact that there was a barbed wire fence running perpendicular to the rdge just below that thick knob. So we made sure we set up within range of that fence with some decoys. Sure enough they gobbled just below that thick knob, maybe 80 yards away & pretty much right where I was standing when I last called. My wheels were turning after they gobbled. I was afraid if we called again from where we were set up, they'd come around that thick knob & end up on the steep side hill below us where we wouldn't be able to film them. So before they got any closer, I told Jeremy to hurry up & drop down the backside of the ridge & steer them up to that knob. He ducked down the opposite side of the ridge, hurried towards the knob then cutt from there...they jumped all over it! Then he cutt & yelped one more time & they gobbled again. So he ran back & got set up. It wasn't a minute, & Jeremy saw them coming up onto the knob! They stopped directly in front of us on the knob & gobbled again at maybe 45 yards. So I yelped once to try & lead them right out the ridgeline to us. But I didn't think they could see our decoys because of some rose bushes along the fenceline. They gobbled again & just stood there looking. The front bird strutted & moved a few yards closer while the one in the rear began to walk around & pick at bugs. The wind began to pick up as they held their ground on that knob. I gave them some really soft clucks & they both gobbled a good bit, but they still held their ground. The lead bird finally relaxed a little & started to slowly move down towards the fenceline, but I still don't think he could see our decoys. Then we lost sight of the one in the rear as he continued to pick around. A crow flew over & they both shock gobbled. The lead bird acted like he really wanted to come. He strutted & closed the distance maybe another five yards. Then the other one came walking back into view, but he just didn't seem as interested as the lead bird. Jeremy couldn't see the one in front for a while because a tree was blocking his view. But as he closed the distance, he finally came into view. Then the one in front turned around & acted like he was going to leave, so I asked Jeremy if he could get him. He said no! So I told him to peak around the tree. Jeremy leaned out, put the bead on his head & dropped him with two minutes left before shooting hours expired! It came down to the wire, but what a hunt! Those turkeys came fast.

Sunrise: 6:30 a.m.

Temperature: 41 degrees - 55 degrees at noon (partly sunny)

Wind: 1-4 mph (gusts up to 14 mph at noon)


Location: Southeast Ohio

# of gobbles heard: 150

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