Jeremy Pollock - Ohio

My good friend/fellow competitive turkey caller, Jeremy Pollock & I headed to Ohio this morning. It was a cool, crisp spring morning & we hoped the birds would be talking. Not long after arriving at our listening spot, we heard a bird gobble. He was way out through the hollow on the opposite face. Then a few minutes later, another bird gobbled on our side of the hollow! It sounded like there were two birds gobbling together. We listened intently for a while just to make sure of their whereabouts. After moving a little closer, we sort of pinpointed their location, climbed a steep ridge & got set up along a gasline right-of-way within 100 yards of them. Jeremy did some calling & they ate it up! Right in the middle of one of Jeremy's calling sequences, a hen showed up right in front of us on the right-of-way! She walked towards the decoys, but then skirted behind us through the woods & down off the ridgetop. At first, the two gobblers we set up on sounded like they were on their way to us, but after a while they began to move down into a small wooded draw off to our right. Behind us lays a pasture that runs the length of the bottom of this particular hollow that birds like to frequent throughout the morning. I turned & looked into the bottom & could see another group of birds in that pasture! There was a strutter with two other birds, which looked like hens. We watched them for a while to see what they were going to do. Meanwhile, the birds we set up on sounded like they were on the opposite side of that small draw & heading towards that bottom pasture as well. So we decided to make a move which would put us between the two groups of birds. When we reached the bottom pasture though, the strutter & two hens were gone. But the two gobblers we originally set up on were hammering on the hardwood ridgetop directly above us! So we climbed the point in an attempt to get within their comfort zone. They continued to gobble on their own, which allowed us to get in tight & set up at 8:10 along an old logging road within 80 yards. They gobbled as Jeremy staked a few decoys & we knew we didn't get too close. Then they gobbled again as he crawled back! I hit them with an excited yelp as Jeremy got ready & they hammered back! As soon as Jeremy & I started calling, they responded. But they hesitated a little, which made me wonder. So we both got a little more excited with our calling & one of them really fired up! He closed the distance fast & pretty soon I saw a full fan coming right down the logging road towards us! He saw our decoys & strutted right to them. But at twenty yards or so, he came out of strut, threw his head up like he saw a booger & turned to leave! So I cutt & yelped real quick to stop him & Jeremy dropped him in his tracks! I'm not sure where the other bird went, but we never saw him. But it was a great morning to be in the timber with a good friend!

Sunrise: 6:34 a.m.

Temperature: 33 degrees (partly cloudy)

Wind: 3 mph

Barometer: 29.82 & rising

Location: Southeast Ohio

# of gobbles heard: 120

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