Matt Kapinus - Ohio

It rained through the night & there was a good chance of rain this morning after ten o'clock. So, Matt & I hoped we could get on a turkey early. We started the morning at a roost site where he's been hearing a bird gobble recently. But we stood there listening for a while & never heard a gobble anywhere! So I did some calling & never got a response. We discussed our options & thought about just setting up for a while. But with the wet fields from the overnight rains, we figured we'd head over towards a field at the other end of the property. As we made our way towards the field, a bird gobbled on his own within 150 yards! It was a little before 8 o'clock when he first gobbled. We discussed where we thought he was at & as we were deciding what to do next, he gobbled again! He was in some open hardwoods in a small swale. We had a little bit of thick stuff between us so instead of setting up where we were standing, we looped around him maybe 30 degrees & got set up on this grassy lane. He gobbled a few more times as we got set up, so our hopes were high that we could work him in. I didn't want to call to him from where we set up because he might come in from our right side & surprise us. So I ran out past the decoys on that grassy lane & called from there...& he cut me off! I ran back, got set up & stayed quiet. We hoped he would come to where I called from & then we could work him down that grassy lane into our laps. Maybe a half hour went by & he didn't budge. Matt & I discussed making a move. But I said "let me go out there, call to him again, give him five minutes & see what he does." So I ran out there & called. He cut me off again & actually gobbled three times! So we waited him out. A few minutes went by & he gobbled again. This time he was closer! Then a few minutes later, Matt spotted him at the end of that grassy lane where I last called. So I gave him a few quick cutts & an excited yelp...gobble! Pretty soon, he turned & came strutting right down that lane just like we wanted him to! He slowly strutted the whole way in to our decoys & gave Matt an opportunity at a little over 20 yards. Matt dropped him at a little after 8:30! It was his first turkey in four years, so to say he was FIRED UP would be an understatement!

Sunrise: 6:35 a.m.

Temperature: 57 degrees

Wind: 3 mph (gusts to 12 mph)


Location: East-central Ohio

# of gobbles heard: 35


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