First time for everything!

As I closed in on the roost site this morning, I couldn't see any turkeys. I just figured they must be roosted a little lower & that is why I didn't see them. So, I continued to sneak closer. When I got within 80 yards or so, I still couldn't find any! I looked all around thinking maybe they roosted on the top of the ridge or off the point instead of where I normally find them. But there wasn't a turkey to be seen! I even stood cupping my ears, hoping to hear one of the gobblers spitting or a turkey dropping falling in the leaves...nothing! I pushed on hoping they were roosted lower in the hollow because of the wind last night. I dropped below the lip of the ridge & searched the treetops with my binoculars...still nothing! Then finally, I found one turkey! I scanned nearby trees for other birds, but from what I could see, that was the only bird roosted in there! So I snuck to within 20 yards of it & slowly got situated as quietly as possible. It was about an hour before sunrise by the time I was ready. I was definitely a little late because I had trouble finding any birds. I hoped that it was a talkative hen, but I knew there was a good chance that it was a gobbler, being alone like that. I couldn't believe that was the only bird in there! As it started to break daylight, I heard a hen yelp across the hollow to the west. It sounded far & I wondered why they weren't roosted where they have been for the last 3 weeks. Did something spook them last night or were they starting to split up? When I could tell there was enough camera light, I zoomed in & hit the record button. I could tell it was a longbeard after a while. Then I could hear a turkey gobbling from time to time across the hollow to the south. The gobbler in front of me never made a sound & to make a long story short, he pitched down & headed north into a pasture. I lost sight of him as he dropped into a small sway in the pasture. I was really surprised that the flock wasn't roosted in there this time. I'm not so sure why, but they definitely weren't! I ended up hearing 11 total gobbles & some hens yelping in the distance. I guess I started to take this roost site for granted, KNOWING they would always be in there. But I was wrong! I guess there's a first time for everything!

Sunrise: 7:05 a.m.

Temperature: 43 degrees (cloudy)

Wind: Calm

Barometer: 28.41 & falling

Location: southwest PA

# of gobbles heard: 11

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