Not a peep!

I decided to try a traditional roost site that I haven't visited in several years this morning. It's in a patch of pines on a steep side hill. My buddy Alan & I doubled-up on some hens this past fall on the ridgetop a few hundred yards above this particular roost site. As we walked out of the woods that evening, we heard some of the flock that we scattered pitch up into those pines. So I knew they still used it!...I was a little late getting there this morning, but I managed to sneak in quietly & set up just before it started to break daylight. Being in the pines, I couldn't see any birds in the treetops. All I could do was hope there were some birds in there. As the sky began to brighten, I still hadn't heard anything. Daylight came & still not a peep. No wingbeats, nothing! I sat there listening until 8:30 or so & it was pretty obvious that they weren't in there. I hadn't heard any gobbling anywhere else either. So I got up & walked around under some of the roost trees to look for sign. I found some fairly fresh droppings scattered under a few of the trees, so I knew they used it recently (just not today). But I was somewhat surprised that I hadn't heard any other birds gobble on nearby ridges. I'll have to try it again some other day.

Sunrise: 7:24 a.m.

Temperature: 41 degrees (mostly cloudy)

Wind: 4 mph

Barometer: 30.13 & steady

Location: southwest PA

# of gobbles heard: 0

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