Little more talkative

Last night, I was fortunate to put those birds to bed that were roosted out the ridge from me yesterday morning! I wasn't exactly sure what they were, but I saw at least 7 birds pitch up into the trees right after the sun went down. They were scattered 100 yards across the ridgetop unlike yesterday though. So I picked a cluster of of 3 birds & my plan was to get as close to those ones as possible. I got to the top of the ridge this morning around 5:30 & stopped to put some extra clothes on. Then I snuck to the lip of the ridge, scanned the treetops & found the cluster of birds I was targeting! They were eye level with me & looked to have their heads tucked under their wings. So I slowly inched my way down the hill to get tight to them. I had a tough time getting thru some briars & was second-guessing my decision. But luckily, I was quiet enough to get within 20 yards of one of them! I got my camera gear all set up & was ready to go by 6:30. At a little after 7:00, a barred owl flew in & hooted. The closest hen to me picked her head up & gave a tree yelp. The other hens picked their heads up as well & they all began to preen themselves & periodically "tree call." A gobbler sounded off over where I was set up yesterday. Then some of the other hens began clucking & purring. That turned into cutting & some more excited yelping! Finally one turkey flew down into the bottom & a couple others followed with some fly down cackles. Eventually, they all pitched down leaving me with nothing to film. But another hen began yelping out the ridge from me & kept getting closer. She wanted to join the rest of the flock, but didn't know where they were. Then one of the hens in the bottom answered her. She came into view about 80 yards from me & pitched back up into a tree in order to get a better view. Then she flew down into the bottom with the other birds giving a "flydown cackle." It was a short lived, calling session. But worth all the effort & lost sleep!

Sunrise: 7:31 a.m.

Temperature: 32 degrees (partly cloudy)

Wind: 5 mph

Barometer: 30.17

Location: southeast Ohio

# of gobbles heard: 6

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