DVD - Experience all the "up close-in your face" action from behind the lens of the Claycomb Outdoors team as they take you into the spring woods in pursuit of the wild turkey!

Follow Chad Claycomb in the pan-handle of West Virginia as he deals with a "henned up" gobbler. Then set up with Justin Newell in the hills of Pennsylvania & witness some of the prettiest turkey footage every laid down. Relive the excitement as young brothers, Matt & Brandon Kapinus "grow up" in the turkey woods! Watch Matt knock down his first turkeys in Pennsylvania & Ohio! You'll be rooting for the two brothers as they try for a double on a youth hunt in their home state of Pennsylvania. Then sit in as Brandon finally fills his tag on an unbelievably close encounter! Experience another hunter's first as Ron "Snake" Addis squeezes off on a blond-bearded jake! Your heart will drop as a "sure thing" turns into an agonizing miss with Don Claycomb in the big woods of north-central Pennsylvania. Listen to the silence of a late season hunt as Chad Claycomb waits out a shut-mouthed longbeard & ends the season with a bang!


  • Released - 2009 (2001 thru 2006 seasons)

    6 years in the making, FIRED UP is much more than a turkey "killing" video. It is an unexplainable feeling that comes over us each & every spring. We invite you to come along with us as we get "FIRED UP" about spring gobblers!

    108 minutes *DVD