BluRay - Follow hardcore turkey hunter/videographer & competitive caller, Chad Claycomb & the entire Claycomb Outdoors crew through two full seasons of ups & downs in several states as they pursue the elusive, wild turkey.

On this installment of Fired Up 5, you'll see some of the most spectacular wild turkey footage ever laid down. From quiet birds to loud-mouth, cooperative longbeards, shotgun hunts & traditional bow hunts, several up-close encounters with talkative hens, numerous "successful" hunts & some "not so successful" hunts. You'll see it all in this 2-disc set, 6 1/2 hour wild turkey adventure. Run n' gun turkey hunting, no blinds, 100% "pure" turkey hunting at it's finest…Welcome to Fired Up 5!

"On the limb": Incredible, "up-close" roost footage segment showcasing the authentic sounds of a real, "live" older hen & how a longbeard reacts to her.


  • New Release - (2014 & 2015 seasons)

    Color/2 discs Approx. 398 minutes *BluRay