DVD - Ride along as we open the gate on the 2010 season in South Dakota's Black Hills National Forest where Matt Kapinus attempts to take his first merriams.  Kristen Miller takes her first turkey & feels the "rush!"  Experience the thrill of success as Chad Claycomb overcomes one of his worst slumps ever on the last day of the season on public land in north-central Pennsylvania.  Watch Alan Johnson as he "flogs" his first longbeard in 18 years on opening day in Ohio & kicks off the 2011 season.  Set up with Eddie Malik as he attempts to take his first video bird in the hills of southwest Pennsylvania.  With too many hunts to list, you won't want to miss this 4 hour turkey "hunting" video!   


  • Released - 2013 (2010 & 2011 seasons)

    2 years in the making, this is much more than a turkey "killing" video. 100% "pure" turkey hunting at it's finest. Just the way you do it.

    2-disc set - 4 HOURS *DVD