DVD - Witness some of the most unbelievable, up-close, in-your-face, turkey hunting action in this release within the "FIRED UP" series.

Watch Josh Berklovich take his very first spring gobbler. You'll have to catch your breath when Ryan Furrer attempts to take a big longbeard that almost steps on him! Then you'll travel along with the Claycomb Outdoors team to South Dakota's Black Hills National Forest where Chad Claycomb tries to fulfill a lifelong dream by taking his first merriams! You'll also see Brandon Butela & his young son, Ryan spend some quality time together as Ryan experiences his first turkey hunt! All this & much more...


  • Released - 2011 (2007 thru 2009 seasons)

    3 years in the making, this ain't your ordinary turkey "killing" video. No guides, no outfitters, no exclusive hunting rights. "Pure" turkey hunting at it's finest. Just the way you do it.

    Over 2 HOURS *DVD